4 Predictions for Search Engine Optimisation in 2017

1) The rise and rise of the mobile website will make desktop and tablet design more and more niche. How quickly the rise of the smart phone has come has been a surprise even for the experts. One day we were designing with smart phone compatibility in mind, the next it was for the smart phone as the main point of contact. Fast loading times, heavily compressed images, snappy text are all essential.

2 ) Voice search means people can easily add more terms to their searches, which means more long tail searches… meaning we can develop content ever more specific in its targeting. If before we had “storage hire”, we now have “low cost waterproof storage hire over the summer”. There’s the potential of a huge number of ultra niche markets to become available in 2017. Challenge accepted!

Google Mobile search

3) The basic principals of optimisation are going to remain the same. I’m talking about the design features that don’t just make website design good but design in general. Things like clarity, ease of use, regular updates, telling your story, concise text, good photography, buttons that look like buttons, constantly improving the user experience, excellent content, easy to read fonts and clear colours…  This sounds obvious, but it’s worthwhile not to remember to never stray from the design essentials.

4) The client-expert relationship will become increasingly important. If the rise of the mobile search means more terms, it will also mean more detail, so we’re going to need to become better schooled in the technicalities of whatever our clients are selling. False assumptions lead to mistakes in advertising, so taking that time to really learn how people add value in the minds of their customer is an important way that we experts add value in the minds of our customer too.

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