What I learnt talking to a £20,000 a day Facebook consultant

Facebook is taking over and replacing much of the rest advertising, including bill boards and print ads. That sounded like a glib spiel (yawn, rolls eyes), but I was on the tube home and more people were heads down looking at their phones than looking up at the eye level advertising, or reading newspapers. On their phones both next to me and across was Le Facebook. They didn’t even have phone signal, they were browsing the archive. It was weird, like an advert. Advertising is a battle for attention and Facebook is excelling at it.

Expert Empires Facebook talk

The recent algo changes have dramatically improved the quality of the default news feed, while retaining the user’s ability to customise content. It’s better than Twitter, which doesn’t have anything like the same level of customisation and feels more random and less balanced. In terms of content creation for us this is better, more dynamic and more fun.

Unlike Google’s Adwords it’s easy to use, and much easier to target certain markets. And the mismatch between the time spent looking through posts and the number of companies aware and advertising here is huge. A £3 boost can reach users estimated in the thousands.  Even with no parameters set new customer acquisition is remarkably easy.

To get traffic, you must buy it. People have always talked about content is king, and that’s still true. But if you want reach you need to put down money to get your message, or ad, or brand, or discount out there. Organic growth is usually pretty slow on Facebook…  …is that a downside? I’m not sure, but in terms of strategy knowledge is power and 3 good posts and a boost is faster and more cost effective than 10 good posts.

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