Social Media

Companies here as everywhere are striving to make the most of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, but often without any kind of strategy beyond a vague feeling they should be there.
Facebook alone has over a billion daily users and Instagram is enjoying strong growth – can you afford to ignore that market?
But these are for people, right? So why use them to promote a business?
  • It’s a great way to communicate your passion for your product, your service, your people and your customers. This is infectious, and that’s a good thing!
  • You can encourage participation, get feedback, listen, learn. Engage, talk back, develop better relationships with your customers. Increase loyalty, create synergy between them and you. The trust this establishes is invaluable to your future success.
  • Growth via social media with my custom viral content will rapidly your expand your markets, business and profits.

Yet most people have no clear idea for how they will achieve tangible rewards, as a result a third of business Facebook accounts fail to attract a single additional customer. Many end up dormant, not being updated for months at a time.

The giant thumbs up facing the interstate at Facebook’s HQ has become a local landmark – people often stop to get their picture taken.

There’s something indescribably cool about the positive message it sends out to the world.

One of the criteria for success is the ability to talk about yourself, to get on well with people, and to interest them in your line of work, and this is something Facebook and Twitter are very useful for.

So how can I help?

  • I don’t just manage Facebook and Twitter accounts so I feel no special need to recommend them. I meet many business owner’s that have hired expensive consultants, got several dubious leads and no new business. If it’s not right for your company (and it may not be) I can steer you towards more effective marketing.
  • Avoid the common mistakes, working with you to create content that has an obvious reason for being. Not just talk for the sake of talk.
  • Help expand your reach by coordinating your marketing activities.

I offer a starter package for only £10 per week, which includes setting up, getting new followers & likes and regular updates. Email me now and I will be happy to help.