Yes, a quick update to say I’m still very much open for business!

Business is usually pretty slow in lockdown, although I’m always kept busy by my clients. If you have an enquiry be sure to send me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

Sales brochure design

Designing Brochures for a lime walling company.Client: Great Work!!Me: 😃 There’s a lot to be said in favour of simple design. Functional, practical, and assuming no prior knowledge of the industry.

Working on a camping website…

… makes me want to go camping so bad, lol. You can see it here;

Advanced business tools are cheap and easy to use…

Working on my cousin’s website, which now has the ability to take shoe fitting bookings online. Customisable software have made advanced software features like this alot more affordable. Payment, bookings and scheduling are all fully automated. Took our first booking within a few hours of going live. 😃👍

Covid-19, a great time to pivot!

Now’s a great time to focus on administration and marketing. I’m not talking about spending a lot of money – that’s unwise given the unknown length of the lockdown – I’m talking about strategy and vision, aiming for clarity and brevity. A great way to phrase this (courtesy of the angel startup founder, Tom Biyou)…
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COVID-19 Update

While I’m still updating and designing websites, managing social media, and making websites rank highly in Google, I’m unable to do face to face meetings until further notice! Sorrreeee! See you on the flip side! 🙂

Google My Business still rocks!

Google My Business is still a super underused business resource, even if it is buggy as hell, and lacks coherence! The customisation options just don’t hang together very well… but my results for local searches, especially town or at city scale, are excellent! 🙂

Free Google Optimisation tip…

…try adding “hire” to your list of targeted search terms. “Search Engine Optimisation” => Someone searching for infoSearch Engine Optimisation for hire => lower search volumes but more ready to make a purchase = more sales!

Using close family / friends for website design can be a problem…

Not sure who needs to hear this, but a lead time on a new website designed for mate’s rates by a family member is typically 2-3 months. This is WAY TOO LONG IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT BUILDING A BUSINESS, AS OPPOSED TO A HOBBY. Take away: if you’re going down the cheap website design /…
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(It professionals don’t talk to customers enough IMO).

Just checking up on how my cousin’s business I promote online is doing… pretty good for a $35 a week investment, lol. It’s a shame because it’s usually good news, and if it’s not, customers always appreciate the interaction, and you can figure out how to make it better.