The Secret Ingredient to Small Business Optimisation & Marketing Success

For the small business, the key to better search optimisation and marketing is consistency… as in consistent updates. Small as they may seem, these incremental improvements lead to huge gains in ranking, sales leads, business and profits.The tendency is to think of marketing as something we do for now, then look at it again when…
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How to get better reviews, and why it matters for SEO.

Getting your reviews out there is critical to building your reputation online, which is essential for search engine optimisation. Too often they get left neglected, amongst small business owners the common belief is that a good product/service sells itself (it doesn’t). The key here is, towards the end of your business transaction, after the service…
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Just fixed a security issue which caused all of the…

…emails to be blocked by Gmail. Took a little while, there were lots of possibilities to explore. But it’s fixed now.

I saved a client £455 on hosting last week.

I’m definitely one of the cheapest webmasters around… 🙂

Brochure design, for a client near Bath

“I’ve had a good couple of years, partly with the help of your brochure, for which, many thanks.” – I do graphic design, not just website design and development, and search engine optimisation. I’m good at it too!

New Gutter Cleaning Business launched in Bath

Designed the logo, branding, website and helped advise with content for this new Bath Gutter Cleaning business. Always a challenge when working with new ideas and businesses; but the results look great!

Search engine optimisation calls to action… should they be an email, message or phone call?

Interesting Google search engine optimisation fact – make your call to action a CALL ME now.Yes, email and direct messaging is easier to manage but phoning is far quicker. When you have an agreement, that’s when it’s time to put something in writing. Save the paperwork for the paperwork.Need more business courtesy of an experienced…
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Thinking on failed marketing campaigns…

The most serious internet marketing mistakes tend to be the most common; not communicating what you do, where you do it, or why you should be hired… hire me to avoid these problems, my website optimisation guarantees you great results…

Marketing in a recession, in a sentence.

In hard times you have to work much harder for each sale, so digital marketing becomes even more important… think; originality, authenticity, and value.

Search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation works very well for single, intermittent, high value purchases… if you’re unsure of the best approach for your digital marketing, ask yourself how you would find your business? Wouldn’t you Google it?