3 Misconceptions about Social Media (from the viewpoint of the business owner!)

I get asked about Twitter and Facebook a lot… is it good value? Is it worth the time, the money? As a professional I would say, well, it depends.

  1. It’s not about finding new customers. This comes as a shock to most well established business owners that expect to make sales from the get go and cant always see the value when they don’t. But it confirms the practical side of work, that you don’t get instant results and that growth takes time. It’s more about finding your tribe, learning new things, studying your competition and finding your place in the market. Running your own business is tough, it’s a great way to build a support network.
  2. You should look for business. No! Interact positively with the public instead. Adding polls, inviting replies, and leaving comments are great ways to grab attention. Images are far more likely to get noticed than plain old text and if it shows your great work, then so much the better. The feedback you get is invaluable in better understanding how you add value and perfecting your sales pitch.
  3. It’s new. It’s really not, though my clients have always done better hiring a professional like me to help them. The same rules that apply so much in regular networking apply online. People have to get to know you first, only then will they feel comfortable not so much buying from you, but more importantly recommending you. ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ has been replaced with ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who they know’. This is about patience and persistence.

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