How to Use #Twitter to Promote Your Business.

I get asked this a lot, how do I use twitter to promote my business? The real question I’m being asked is what exactly do I write? The 140 character limit sounds daunting. What works and what doesn’t? Here’s 5 tips I’ve picked up to help you get started.

  1. You don’t need a plan, a vision or an overall strategy. I would recommend your motto as being “Just Start”, as in #tweet whatever you think. Full stop. If business inspiration flashes through your mind at 3am and you can’t sleep, send it out into the world. Twitter is the sort of thing you want to jump into and learn about from the inside out.
  2. Be yourself. You can’t really be anyone else for 10,000 tweets, if you pretended you were for that long you would lose your old self a looonnnng time ago. Bear in mind that’s it not all about your business, people are naturally curious about you as a person, as well as your product and service. Personal details create hooks that help future customers remember you.
  3. The goal of twitter usage should be meaningful interactions, and many of the rules of business networking apply to business tweeting. Running your own business is a lonely life, twitter is a great way to fix that. Be nice, take a polite interest, answer questions, respond to criticism, fix problems, offer advice freely and follow back those that follow you.
  4. It really doesn’t work that well for hard selling, for that you really want people back to your website. But it’s great for research. Following your competition locally and internationally will move you above the curve. So take time to read tweets as well as posting your own. This is a great way to draw inspiration too.
  5. Hiring someone experienced on this will save you a lot of time. You can pick their brains. They’ll know who best to connect with online, as well as cultivating the philosophy you need to be successful here. And it’s not expensive, my fee for basic twitter management is only £10 per week.


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