Deeply unpopular thoughts about the future of the tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter et al.. THEY’RE GOING DOWN!

Tech giants future prediction featured image

They not progressing with their technology. Facebook is better than it used to be, it looks a bit better, there’s more nice options. Google’s listing of results hasn’t changed much. And Twitter, YouTube has barely changed at all in 10+ years.

It’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a better way to incorporate the new tech into a new platform. 

They aren’t cool anymore. It’s not the congressional investigations into manipulating search results against conservatives that should sound alarm bells for Googlers, it’s the lack of awareness that they’re at fault.

Microsoft looked this way while they’re were being ineffectually investigated for anticompetitive practices 20 years ago. And then they made Windows Vista.

Empires this big don’t collapse overnight. General Motors lost its edge in the 1970s when it quit designing cars and began designing committees, and continued a shadow of itself for decades after. The tech giants will continue, dying but unaware of it.  

Unless they learn to uncomfortably innovate, to become libertarian once more, to serve the public in its entirety then they’re doomed to fail.

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