Mobile Websites Have Become Even More Important…

…than ever.

For years people have talked of the website of being the new shop window, that it’s been a vital albeit often neglected part of running any business. People have to see what you sell before they choose a service provider, the website is a huge part of that communication. Unlike brochures and sales presentations it could be customised to customer needs – whole new ways to sell became available.

Now with more people using mobile than either PCs, laptops, or tablet computers, a minor revolution is taking place, the mobile site version has become more important than the website. The rise of the mobile site has also modified how the website’s themselves are being designed. They used to be influenced by graphic design… overly complicated, with much more texturing and images… now they’re becoming more simple and straightforward, easier to use. An improvement all round IMHO.

One thing’s for sure, a mobile version is no longer something you can afford to ignore. It’s essential for any commercial website, an easy way to steal a march on your competition and a great way to higher ranking in Google.